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Your eyes are very delicate organs, and when an emergency strikes, you’ll need to act quickly to protect and preserve your vision. Nearly 2.5 million eye emergencies happen every year, and 50,000 of these cases result in permanent blindness.

If you’re experiencing an eye emergency, please contact us immediately or visit your nearest emergency room.

Types Of Eye Emergencies

Physical Trauma
Physical trauma includes any impact to the eye or its surrounding area. These impacts can damage the eye, eyelid, and surrounding tissues of the eye. You may experience a black eye in mild cases, but more serious injuries may have symptoms of swelling, eye pain, or even bleeding.

If you’ve experienced physical trauma, you may gently apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain. Please call us for further assistance.

Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure could occur at work, home, or even school. If your eyes have been exposed to chemicals, like vinegar, bleach, or battery acid, immediately flush your eyes with cool, clean water for 15 minutes and seek emergency medical attention.

Rips, Tears, & Punctures

Rips, tears, and punctures are some of the most severe eye emergencies. If you’ve experienced an emergency like this, apply an eye shield to protect your eye from outside elements and seek immediate medical attention. For an emergency like this, we recommend visiting an emergency room.

Foreign Object In The Eye

Foreign objects could be dust, dirt, metal, wood, or any other small particle that can find itself lodged in your eye. If you’re experiencing something like this, do not rub your eyes. Instead, try blinking to help move it from your eye’s surface or flush your eyes with cool, clean water. If you’re finding no relief or your symptoms are worsening, please seek medical attention.

Eye Disease Emergency

Many eye diseases can cause an emergency. Diseases like wet AMD and closed-angle glaucoma could cause eye pain, redness, flashes, floaters, or sudden vision loss. If you’re at risk of developing these diseases and are experiencing emergency symptoms, please seek immediate emergency assistance.

Safety Glasses

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Emergency Eye Care
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