The Dry Eye Exam Process


Why Should You Choose Salisbury Eyecare & Eyewear?

Dr. Denton and our team at Salisbury Eyecare & Eyewear are internationally known for their expertise in treating dry eye disease. Our work has earned us a spot as the destination for dry eye services not just in North Carolina but around the entire United States!

Whether it’s treating issues caused by meibomian gland dysfunction or certain types of medications, we’re ready to help you find solutions you can depend on. But if you’re stuck on finding dry eye treatment, this page will have all the answers you need to start your relief journey on the right foot.

Kristin is our lead treatment counselor. Every dry eye evaluation involves our team assessing your eyes and coming up with a treatment program that is going to target the main issues you have going on. After we have evaluated your eyes and decided what treatments will be most effective, Kristin comes in to fully explain it all to you. Instead of giving you a print out of what happened and hope you read it, Kristin sits down with every dry eye patient and makes sure they have a good understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the front surface of the eyes, what problems we are dealing with and what may have lead you to this point, what treatments the doctor is recommending and why, and when we will be following up. At her core, Kristin is an educator which is why she is so good at making sure patients understand what is going on with their eyes and how the treatments we offer are able to solve those issues. She loves helping people understand dry eye syndrome, so if you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out via email at and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you wish to know more about dry eye disease, its causes, and its symptoms, please take a look at our page describing dry eyes or you can start your journey by booking your appointment today!

What is Dry Eye Disease?

​​​​​​​Before Your Appointment

Get Educated

Education is the first step towards finding the right eye care for you. Before your appointment, we recommend spending some time researching your symptoms and possible treatments either by visiting our What is Dry Eye Disease page, or by checking out our amazing playlist of videos dedicated to describing, diagnosing, and treating dry eye disease!

Booking Your Appointment

Now that you’re equipped with a little more knowledge about dry eye disease, you can start your journey by booking your appointment! You can book your in-person appointment by following the link below or calling our office directly at (704) 310-5002.

We’re also available to accept referrals from any clinic in North Carolina and will be happy to provide second opinions for new patients. Please follow the link to our patient page below for more information!

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During Your Appointment

The Eye Exam

Every patient we serve will first go through our detailed eye exam process. During the exam, we will:

  • Confirm your health history, including your eye health history.

  • Assess your visual acuity.

  • Screen your eyes for signs of disease, including dry eye disease.

Please let our team know if you’re experiencing dry eyes prior to your appointment. This will help us search specifically for the cause of your symptoms, allowing us to diagnosis its cause and provide you with treatment options.

Dry Eye Diagnosis

There are many different causes of dry eye disease, so there are certain things we have to look for when diagnosing your symptoms. Some of our diagnostic tests include:

  • Assessing your tear film break-up time, which measures the rate your eyes become dry.

  • Slit-lamp tests, which observes the surface of your eyes.

  • Schirmer’s tests. During this test, we place a thin strip of filter paper just underneath your eyelid to measure the moisture on your eyes.

Once we determine what could be causing your symptoms, we can get started on treatment!

After Your Appointment

​​​​​​​Learning Your DIY Treatment Regimen

If you are showing signs of dry eye disease, we will typically get you started with a DIY at-home treatment. These treatments can include lid hygiene, Bruder masks, and preservative-free artificial tear routines that could help clean away any blockages in your meibomian glands and promote a healthy flow of tears to your eyes.

Our Advanced Dry Eye Workshop

Our next step is to have you come back for another appointment in our advanced dry eye workshop if your symptoms are persisting. Here, we will use cutting-edge technology to help solve your dry eye disease so you can get back to enjoying your vision comfortably.

Check out our featured list of advanced treatments on our Dry Eye Treatments page!

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